Chalice on the side…..

One of Chalice’s endearing qualities is the singing that normally follows a dancing performance, and as an offshoot of this some members of the team perform occasionally in hostelries in the North Somerset area (sometimes further afield!!).

Can’t get enough of our singing? Are you sure? 😂 ‘We’ll be joining The Beach’d Buoys and others for an afternoon of folk songs, shanties and fun at the Captain’s Cabin in Weston-super-Mare. The event kicks off at 2PM on the 1st of October, and we join them at 5PM until 6PM. As they say, be there or be somewhere else!”

Appearing at The Vaults, ( every first Wednesday of the month @ 8:00pm. Free Cough Toffees! Truly something for all tastes!Come and sing along and have a much needed laugh! Next performance will be Wednesday 5th October 2022.

Haul Away Joe Performed At The Vaults, Weston-Super-Mare

It appears that Morris Minor produced a collection of songs and put them onto a CD in the murky past. I am sure if you are eager enough they may still have copies for sale so do ask when you next see them👍

Worth every penny!
Courtesy of Allan Jeffery
Courtesy of Allan Jeffery