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During the winter months we will be making some changes and updating our website, so apologies if links don’t always connect or pages seem to be very haphazard 😬. There are likely to be some extra pages, one that will take a light hearted look as to how Morris Dancing is perceived by the media😳. Below is a YouTube link celebrating the many forms of Morris in a very interesting way. Do enjoy!!

We are now at the end of the dancing season, and Chalice MM will be looking to keep members numbers up, so are always keen for new members be it dancers or musicians. So, if you feel you could benefit from healthy exercise, would enjoy a good social life and have been entertained by what you have seen this past summer please contact us about joining this elite group. From September to April Chalice can be found at practice at Brent Knoll Parish Hall (Brent Street, Brent Knoll, Highbridge, TA9 4EH) Practice for the winter season will be on Thursday evenings commencing at 8:00pm (tbc). It can be fun, healthy and very sociable as can be seen in the photograph below👍.

Thursday 25th August was Chalice’s traditional closure of the dancing season, and what a stonking good evening of dance and song on a welcome return to The Old Kings Head, Worle, photos and videos which can be seen on link page The OKH. 🍺😎.

Breaking news……..Morris Minor, appearing at ( on every first Wednesday of the month @ 8:00pm. The next performance will be Wednesday 7th December 2022. We will be doing our special Xmas Selection! seats available in all areas !!!! Truly something for all tastes!🍺

Chalice normally dance out during the summer months, traditionally starting in May until August visiting venues and hostelries in towns and villages throughout Somerset. During the coming months we will be bringing you more news regarding Chalice and stories of its illustrious past, and if you need further information please use email links below.

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Looking good lads !