The Chalice Morris Men

One Somerset’s Finest Entertaining Gems

A fine body of men, Chalice at their best

Where to find us

From September to April Chalice can be found at practice at Brent Knoll Parish Hall (Brent Street, Brent Knoll, Highbridge, TA9 4EH) and are always keen for new members either dancers or musicians.

Chalice normally dance out during the summer months, traditionally starting in May until August visiting venues and hostelries in towns and villages throughout Somerset. During the coming months we will be bringing you more news regarding Chalice and its upcoming activities, and if you need further information please use email links below.

Formed almost 50 years ago, Chalice Morris have been entertaining many parts of Somerset and beyond with their dancing skills in the Cotswold tradition of Morris Dancing. However this is only part of what makes The Chalice Morris team what it is.

Our History

Chalice have a long and varied history and it would take too much time at this point but over the period of time we will cover many of the historical elements that make up our story. It started in the heady days of the early 1970’s when Morris Dancing was taught in schools and teams formed in schools went on to develop into adult teams.

Many of the dances we do are in the Cotswold tradition with many from Oxfordshire villages such as Adderbury, Bampton, Headington and Fieldtown.

Contact Us

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