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A lady I spoke with last night told me “You fellas are not just The are a community asset”. Bob Cross

“She won’t think that when we all come and dance in her living room”. Harlan Chapman-Green.

Dancing Out…Summer 2023

This year Chalice MM will be visiting venues and hostelries in towns and villages throughout Somerset and beyond, Chalice were dancing on Thursday at The Plume of Feathers, Rickford and The Swan, Rowberrow, where they were joined by Mendip Morris(See Gallery). These video clips supplied by Sam Parker, , and . This coming Thursday, Chalice will be at The Railway, Meare ( ///headboard.deflate.scrolled ), in what what should be another evening of dancing exuberance.

Next Saturday the 27th May, they will be at various venues at Chippenham Folk Festival, details to be found at Please check the diary page for more performance information (Downloadable in the side panel). Chalice MM are available for bookings and for further information they can be contacted at the email links below.

Blake Gardens, Bridgewater 2023 (courtesy Jeff Searle)

Membership !!

Chalice MM are constantly looking to keep membership numbers up, and are always keen for new members, be it dancers or musicians. So, please contact us about joining this elite group. It is fun, healthy and very sociable as can be clearly seen in the photograph below.

For more information on Morris Dancing the following link is a good start:

Latest news from……..Morris Minor

Morris Minor look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 7th June, 2023 @ 8:00pm, @ The Vaults ( for an evening of entertaining folk songs and shanties! Find out more at the Chalice on the Side page

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