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Chalice MM wish you all a Happy New Year…and a joyous “Waes Hael” (See below for more information)

Chalice Morris Men performing at the Ad Astra Cider Wassail 2023

Practice….and membership !!

As we go into the New Year, Chalice MM will commence practising again at Brent Knoll Parish Hall (Brent Street, Brent Knoll, Highbridge, TA9 4EH) on Thursday evenings commencing on 5th January 2023 at 8:00pm . Chalice MM are constantly looking to keep membership numbers up, and are always keen for new members be it dancers or musicians. So, please contact us about joining this elite group. It is fun, healthy and very sociable as can be clearly seen in the photograph below.

January is also the month of Wassail, and below is a potted history of Wassailing

What does wassail mean?

The word “wassail” comes from the Middle English toast, “waes hael”, meaning “be thou hale”, which in turn means “be in good health”. The phrase, “waes hael” dates back to pre-Norman times, so if you do decide to get outside and try a quick wassail, you’ll be following a time-honoured tradition. If someone says “waes hael” to you, with or without warning, the appropriate answer is “drinc hael”, which certainly suits most people’s pre-Christmas social activities well enough.

The above is an extract from an article and is used by courtesy of Tradfolk :

During January Chalice MM performed at some wassail events this January, as the following photos will show, ensuring that there will be a copious supply of cider apples for the coming year, !!

Breaking news……..Morris Minor, 🍺

A Happy New Year from Morris Minor! While we don’t have a show this month at The Vaults, we will be joining The Steepholmers, ( ) one of Weston’s premier shanty groups, for a night of fun and song at their usual haunt The Fork’N’Ale ( Come on down in the evening of Wednesday the18th of January for some finely crafted local ale, great food and plenty of song! Our regular shows at The Vaults will recommence on Wednesday the 1st of February, we can’t wait to see everyone there!

A fine bunch of men!

Dancing Out…Summer 2023

Chalice MM normally dance out during the summer months, traditionally starting in May until August visiting venues and hostelries in towns and villages throughout Somerset. They are available for bookings and if you need further information they can be contacted at the email links below. During the coming months we will be bringing you more news regarding Chalice and stories of its illustrious past,

For more information on Morris Dancing the following link is a good start:

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A celebration of various forms of Morris Dancing…Enjoy !!